One Bite At A Time

I don't remember how old I was when I heard the saying, " How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. " But I know it was only in the last few years. I also know that it stuck with me. In fact, it stuck so hard that it's how look at most projects now. Anything that seems overwhelming I can hear the Lord whisper, "One bite at a time child. One bite at a time." #TakeThatProcrastination

It's nothing for me to now have several projects going at a time but with progress being made, usually on a daily basis.

My website is bite at a time.
My business is growing... one bite at a time.
My health is bite at a time.
We are getting out of debt... one bite at time.
House repairs are getting done ... one bite at a time.
Bringing life back into the house ... one bite at a time.

This is my latest "one bite at a time" project. In January we were discussing fixing up the front of the house. This tree and these bricks are among the things that had to go. But how? This seemed overwhelming. So I took it to God in prayer and now... The tree is being professionally removed. But the bricks? Well, I heard the Lord whisper at the beginning of January... " 5 bricks at a time child. 5 bricks at a time."

I finished the left side of the house just minutes before the storms struck last Thursday. 5 bricks a day is what it took. Only 5 bricks. Nothing overwhelming but I chipped away at it a little at time. Now look, 97 bricks later I am ready for the tree to be cut down and planning for new gardenias to be the backdrop to other flowers.

Oh! The right side of the house has already started. You guessed it, 5 bricks at time! 😉

I'm curious. Is there anything on your to do list that could benefit from one bite at a time? 


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