Beach or Mountains?
I remember traveling to Galveston Bay Beach when I was little. I was so excited to see the ocean for the first time. I had incredible expectations but the real thing turned out to be anything but incredible. LOL

I was little, maybe 7 or 8. The waves were bigger than I was. The sand was in places that it shouldn't be. And the seaweed.... uugghhh gross! I thought it was fish and I kept getting tangled in it! I was glad when we left to be honest.

I wasn't super excited to go back to the ocean, no matter where it was, when years later, friends suggested we go to Edisto Island. I went anyway. In this case, the people pleasing that I practiced worked in my favor. LOL

Wow! What a difference. I felt like I had found home. The waves were a thrill ride! The vastness of the ocean brought great comfort to me. I think it's because I realized how powerful the water was but the God of the Universe controls the power of that water and He loves me! He cares for me!

Now Folly beach is my favorite place so far. It amazes me every time I am there. It's where I connect to God the most. He's most tangible to me sitting on the beach with the waves rushing up around me. In this space it seems like it's just Him and me. It's cherished time.

Are you a beach or mountain person? Where do you feel you connect with our creator God the most?


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