What Are You Confessing?

What are you confessing today?

Are you confessing how sick you are? or Are you doing "all the things" and confessing that you are EXPECTING to be well tomorrow?

Are you confessing you can't afford that? Or are you confessing I'm saving up for that ?

Are you telling the world how sick your kids are? Or you telling the world what you are doing to overcome the illness?

Are you confessing that nothing ever goes right for you? Or are you confessing that the situation wasn't what you wanted but you know that it will go better next time?

Are you confessing that your whole day or week is ruined over one bad moment? Or you are confessing that one moment won't ruin your day or week?

I'm NOT saying to "name it and claim it" .

DON'T deny your circumstances but be careful what you choose to announce and focus on.

What are you confessing today?


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