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What is The Emotion Code?
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The Right Frequency Wellness Center uses a very specialized type of emotional release therapy known as The Emotion Code.

This simple yet transformative healing method works by using the subconscious mind to decode trapped negative emotions stored in the body. These trapped emotions, also known as, emotional baggage, can go as far back as when you were in your mother’s womb. These trapped emotions cause pain, self-sabotage, emotional problems and all types of malfunction and disease in the body, such as physical pain, anger, depression, chronic fatigue, PTSD, phobias, or panic attacks. 

Releasing trapped negative emotions can help remove the energy imbalances, allowing your body to heal itself, leading to a healthier and happier life!

All of our Emotion Code Practitioners have been certified by Discover Healing and Dr. Brad Nelson author and creator of The Emotion Code.

For more information on The Emotion Code or become a certified practitioner click here .

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