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Red Capped Amethyst
Super 7

 Super Seven is a rare and robust stone with a high vibration.
Red Capped Points 

Super Seven, also known as Melody's Stone or Sacred Seven, is a rare crystal that used to only be found in the Holy Spirit, Espiritu Santo, region of Brazil. Today, the crystal is also extracted in Australia and Madagascar. It occurs as inclusions in amethyst deposits. 

Its name is derived from its powerful blend of seven different crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite, and Lepidocrocite. It shares the healing and metaphysical properties of each, even if not all are present in each specific piece.

Because it possesses all of the capabilities of all seven crystals Super 7 is said to be one of the most effective healing stones available. It doesn't need to be cleansed or energized because it generates energy.

It is a stone of the most significant awareness, 
boosting the vibrations of the user and other crystals. 

Super seven crystal activates, balances, 
and cleanses all seven chakras. 

Super seven crystal combines all the metaphysical benefits of the seven minerals 
present in it:
Amethyst - Increases cognitive ability, focus, and creativity
Cacoxenite - Improves spiritual awareness and a better sense of divine purpose
Clear quartz - Boosts energy and opens the mind and heart
Goethite - Strengthens physical and spiritual connection
Lepidocrocite - Improves communication and understanding between lovers and blocks negative energy
Rutile - Reduces worry and anxiety
Smoky quartz - Protects against negative energy and speeds up healing

Key Words:

Spiritual Awareness
Focus and Creativity
Boosts Energy
Boosts Physical and Spiritual Connection
Grounding stone
Helps with concentration 
Protects against negative energy